Frequently Asked Questions

Online Process :- Login to You can choose to register either as a free member or as a paid member. Free registration Provide name, age, gender, e-mail ID. Click on Register link and you will have to enter on a couple of pages the details of the person intending to get married. After you submit your information, your profile will be automatically created and you shall be given a 'Matrimony ID' generated for future references and login purposes. Offline Process :- Call us on +91 7298 00 2200 or +91 7298 00 3300 for telephonic registration.

 A quick careful glance of the following topics will help you to include photos, horoscope, references, etc. to make your profile complete.

Login using your Matrimony ID/E-mail ID and Password. Click on the Edit Profile section. Click on the Add Photo link under Edit My Profile heading. In the Add Photo page, click on the Browse button. Select your photo in jpg/gif format and click Upload Photo.

All the profiles are validated before inclusion in the database. Express Validation of profile will take just 12 Hours Turn Around Time. Our support team meticulously validates each and every profile carefully on specific criterion before it is added to our database. E-mail will be sent to you once the profile is validated and added.

Almost every word counts. We categorically ignore profiles that are submitted by underage persons, and profiles that contain abusive content. We reject profiles that contain invalid data such as added for fun/looking for friendship/not related to marriage. We try and maintain the highest quality in the database we serve to ensure only members who are serious about marriage make use of the service.

Yes, you can register on behalf of someone else.

A Matrimony ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling for individual partner searches.

Yes! In fact we have a large number of profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives, etc.

 Yes, you can! In a single language domain, a maximum of two profiles (one male and one female) can have the same e-mail ID.

Free members can view only some of your details. They cannot view your mobile number, email address, Postal address and horoscope, etc. Paid members can view all your details. is the world's only website to display 100% verified mobile numbers. So, unless you verify your mobile number, you cannot use our service. The verification process is done free of cost. Only paid members can view your mobile number and you will also get to know the members who have viewed your profile.

Partner Preference is a feature that helps you define your ideal spouse and set your suitability criteria. You will be intimated by e-mail everyday about new profiles matching your criteria. With this feature you would receive information about members suiting your expectations regularly.

Please check your search criteria when you receive this message. If you are searching for a particular subcaste, try rephrasing your spellings. We suggest you to use partial names or try all the possible spellings in the subcaste field, for example: Brahmin, Bramin, Iyer, etc. to get profiles of a particular subcaste. If you have used date options in the search, please check the dates entered. For Example, in the "When Posted" option ensure that you have not entered a future date by mistake.

Login using your 'Matrimony/e-mail ID' and 'Password'. 

Select "view profile" option, once you found an interesting profile, select the star marked (Favorite) option and/or Select the "Short-listed" option, if needed. 

The profile will be added to your list of favorite/short-listed profiles. 

The profiles will be displayed as shortlisted and/or favorite in searched operations.


Login using your Matrimony ID/E-mail ID and Password. In the My Home page, under Lists, click on the members I have short-listed link to view the profiles you have short-listed. 

To delete profiles from your shortlist, select the profile or profiles you'd like to delete and click on the Delete link.

Login using your 'Matrimony/e-mail ID' and 'Password.' 

Select "Search" option, enter the ID of the member in 'By Member Matrimony ID' option. 

You will find options to block profiles. 

The profiles will be added to your 'Block List'. 

This means these members will not be able to contact you or express interest in you, likewise even you cannot contact them. 

This feature is available for Paid Members only.

Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the home page and enter your "E-mail address" or "Matrimony ID". Your "Matrimony ID" and "Password" will be mailed to you immediately. 

Your Email address should be the one given in your profile. or mail us on

Call us on +91 7298 00 2200 , +91 7298 00 3300 or +91 8287 81 9963 for any query related to the process or website.

You cannot change your ‘Date of Birth’ once you get registered. records your Date of Birth, Phone and Email ID as your unique identity.

It is mandatory to update your Aadhaar card or other documents to verify your identity with the Registration of the profile can’t be completed until you don’t provide any identity documents to FaceMatrimonial

No, we don’t provide any friendship or dating services. FaceMatrimonial only provides matrimonial related services to its registered users, who are really genuine and serious about commitments and marriage

Please change your ‘Partner Preference’ filters in the search form to get the desired results. Please ensure that your search criteria are not too narrow or restricted.